Furniture music

Fecha y hora

Thursday 15


Triple show: 20.00, 20.45 & 21.30 h

Furniture music, by Proyecto Voltaire, is a scenic / musical proposal based on simplicity, theatricality and the search for sensations and suggestive images composed of the misplacement of objects, instruments and sounds, which introduce the viewer into a dreamlike and stimulating journey.

A concert of post-romantic and avant-garde halo that invites the viewers to freely experiment with their own sensations. Through music and a staging of clear circus references and dark brushstrokes of cabaret, Furniture Music proposes a suggestive, minimalist, somewhat extravagant repertoire, with songs of particular sound textures produced by conventional instruments, such as the trumpet submerged in a bowl of water, melodies that evoke lyrical singing performed with a musical saw, or an original percussion set in the shape of a guitar case.