Do not disturb

Fecha y hora

Monday 19


“Do not Disturb” takes us to a day of work in any factory of the early twentieth century. Four unique characters created to provoke all kinds of feelings in the public, those feelings that only emerge when we see ourselves reflected. Characters taken to the limit: to the limit of risk, of absurdity and also to the limit of tenderness.

The development of the show takes place during the assembly of a machine. The machine is a wheel of 2.5 meters in diameter and around 120 kilos of weight. The four characters of “Do not Disturb” have instructions to build this wheel but, in reality, they do not know exactly how it should look and much less what the assembly process should be. This ignorance will be the cause of all the fun, exciting and risky situations that arise during the show.

“Do not Disturb ” also talks about small things, about human relationships and how they can directly influence a more global process. Of the common idea of ​​the annoyance from absolutely opposite angles, of how what is very annoying for some, for others it can be as normal.