Acoustic concerts

Mi hermano y yo

Fecha y hora

Friday 23


‘Mi Hermano y Yo’ is the musical and artistic union headed by Jaime and Marcos, the Soto brothers. Born to a family of artists and musicians, they were sculpted from the womb of their mother with cuddly songs harmonized at the same time by the art of their father, José Manuel Soto. The Soto brothers spent their childhood between chords, songs compositions and musical notes. Both evolved with the years in an original and different way in music, but based on the same point, the taste for elegance, the subtlety, the freshness and the pursuit of sincerity.

Now, Jaime and Marcos embark on an adventure together in the musical industry as ‘Mi Hermano y Yo’ and want to show their roots to the world, their good taste at the time of composing and their delicacy in each of chords.